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CityBeat blasts 3CDC’s Enquirer again for Buchanan’s conflict of interest
Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Posted by Justin Jeffre

CityBeat has criticized 3CDC’s Enquirer again for failing to note that their publisher Margaret Buchanan is on the board of 3CDC when their print glowing reviews/corporate propaganda disguised as news. I tip my hat to Kevin Osborne and Ben Kaufman.

Here at the Beacon we’ve raised the point that not only does the Enquirer fail to give balanced and accurate reporting about 3CDC’s projects, but they also fail to disclose the fact that Margaret Buchanan sits on the executive committee of 3CDC. According to Ben Kaufman, Buchanan is, “Charged with publicity and marketing the private development corporation”.

Kaufman reports that Kevin Osborne’s column last week elicited this response from Buchanan: “Over several years, The Cincinnati Enquirer has fully covered the pro’s and con’s (sic) of 3CDC’s development efforts in Over-the-Rhine for our readers and we are very proud of that coverage. As publisher, I sit on 3CDC’s executive committee — and did not influence any of the reporting on this issue. Our editor is completely responsible for all editorial decisions. Typically my participation on this committee is disclosed, although it was overlooked for the article that ran on Sunday, April 15. It will continue to be disclosed in the future.”

The only problem is that Osborne fact checked Buchanan’s claim and of the 481 entries, Buchanan was mentioned in only15. And Buchanan’s position alone is enough for her employees-who must increasingly be concerned about their jobs because of all the downsizing- must know that she is all about promoting 3CDC’s agenda and every move.

She doesn’t need to send out a memo to her reporters and editors because they already know the deal. Kaufman writes, “if Buchanan felt she was bound by the spirit — if not the letter — of Gannett’s ethics policy, she might leave 3CDC’s executive committee and surely would eschew responsibility for 3CDC publicity”. We couldn’t have said it better!

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