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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Attack of the Do-Nothing Democrats

Posted by Andrew Warner

State Representative Catherine Barrett has announced her candidacy for the State Senate after a lackluster 8 years in the state House. This leaves the people of house district 32 and Senate district 9 needing some real representation.

Eric Kearney inherited Mark Mallory’s seat for the State Senate in spite of hardly being a member of the party. His main qualification for the seat is that he can raise a lot of money. He has given money not only to Democratic candidates but to ultra conservative Republicans Kenneth Blackwell and Joe Deters.

Challenging him for that Senate seat is State Rep. Catherine Barrett has proposed 4 bills in her 8 year career. While she has taken the time to co-sponsor 124 bills she is not one of the co-sponsors on HB 263; a bill to provide universal health care for all Ohioans. A bill that would be especially important to her district, as many people under her representation are poor and lack proper health care coverage. In contrast, one of her 4 proposed bills was a motion to designate March as:

2nd Chance of Life: Saving Babies, Supporting Families Month.

That is a touching gesture, but is sentimental at best.

With Barrett leaving her seat to challenge the Republicrat Eric Kearney, the house seat is vacant. Hopefully some prominent Democrats who have a chance at victory will step up and run in the primary.

Last weekend I got the chance to hear speeches from excellent city council candidates Reverend Damon Lynch, III and Christopher Smitherman (obviously a Charterite but could run as a Democrat in state).  Both finished just short of election to city council, but would find more success in state elections. Both have a grip on the problems facing greater Cincinnati and how to fix them. With two minute speeches in a field of 31 candidates it is hard to understand what a candidate is about. Hearing these candidates have the chance to go in depth was a refreshing experience. This showed me either of them would be successful in a primary or a head to head race as compared to an at large debacle of dozens of candidates.

Both of these men are candidates of action which disturbs some, but would serve as a pleasant interruption to the sleepy representation we have had. A house district is much smaller than the whole city of Cincinnati (only about 100,000 people). They would need less money to get their positive message to the voters.

Those names are fresh in my head and I’m certain there are others out there who could do the job. We need people who are in touch. We need people of action. Democrats deserve candidates who are actively fighting for the values of their party. 

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  1. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I wonder what kind of image those guys have in a state-wide context.  I personally like both those gentleman, but I’m sure we’re about to see a string of offensive comments!

  2. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Andrew Warner, in his 19 years of awesome green experience on God’s Green Earth, is going to lecture us on what the Democratic party needs. Awesome.

    So how long have you been a Democrat Andrew? Have I finally turned you?  How long have you been involved in politics? No really, one year? MAYBE a whopping year and a half? Barrett has been here WORKING for the party for over four decades! She was a Mayor and she has worked with the party. She has paid her dues.

    As for Kearney, the party always needs new leadership and his vote against HB3 is a step in the right direction towards that leadership.

    So is the green party running anybody or will they sit on the sidelines and complain about “mainstream media”? That reminds me, I bet justin jeffre is free.

  3. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Now if I can just get Steve Fritsch posting here, Yossarian will have a new home.

  4. Andrew Warner says:

    I like the way to tell little lies about me to try and make Barrett look like she has done something. Your first lie is that I’m 19 which I’m not. You say I’ve been involved in politics for a year, which is also a gross understatement.

    Basically your only argument is that she is old and I am young? Just as you understate things like my age, you overstate things like her accomplishments. You say she has been “working” so hard for the party but have yet to point to one thing she has done.

    You also say she has “paid her dues.” She is just an embedded Democrat who steps up the ladder one step after she has termed out at the previous spot. You shouldn’t get promoted in politics on just seniority which is the only argument you have.

    And Yossarian why haven’t you been calling me son and using terms of endearment any more? Did I hurt your feelings by not cheering for anyone who calls themself a Democrat?

  5. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings there, but look closely. So how old are you? How much experience do you have? How long have you been “fighin’ the power? Sickin’ it to da man? Can we measure that time in semesters?

    Next Rep Barrett sponsered legislation that would require health care policies to extend coverage to newer forms of screening for cervical cancer detection and legiglation that would establish a shorter residency qualification for financial assistance from a county veterans service commission for veterans, active-duty Armed Forces members, and certain of their immediate family members.

    Also she cosponsserd 124 bills, some that included, legislation to reimburse county MR/DD boards for certain motor fuel taxes, to allow a person who is a victim of a specified sexual offense to obtain either a criminal or civil protection order against the alleged offender, to require any place of public accommodation to allow a mother to breast-feed within the place of public accommodation, AND to create the Minority HIV and AIDS Task Force, to require the Department of Health to develop and administer a statewide HIV and AIDS prevention campaign directed toward at-risk members of minority groups, and to make an appropriation to name just a few.

    AND she was Mayor of Forest Park. She was an elected Forest Park City Council Member. A Mother of three. And she has NEVER been seen in public with justin jeffre.

    If I am short with of late Andrew, it’s because you are attacking my people. Look behind you - there is the line and you stepped over it. The worst part is you don’t know what you are talking about. Once again - show some respect.

  6. Andrew Warner says:

    My feelings will be fine. Whether I know what I am talking about or not with Barrett I merely pointed out her record (or lack there of) and let the people see it.

    Barrett is good at signing her name to other peoples bills and calling herself a “co-sponsor.” Four bills in 8 years is unacceptable, especially when you look at the small scope of the bills she proposed.

    For comparison let’s look at District 13’s representative Michael Skindell one of your fellow Democrats. He is in his second term of office which at Barrett’s pace he would be working on his second bill probably designating some month with a special title. However this is not the case as he as already been the PRIMARY sponsor of 15 Bills ! Do you see the difference? One of the bills he proposed (the reason I am familiar with him) HB 263 which would provide health care to all Ohioans. This is the type of activity you should expect from your representatives.

    Or for locals sake look at Tom Brinkman who has been the primary sponsor of 4 bills in three terms (slightly busier than Barrett). His bills are issues that are extremely important to the constituency who voted for him including bills about gun control and abortion. Do you think Barrett’s Democratic base (other than you who blindly supports whatever any Democrat does) cared if she designated a month with some obscure title about babies?

    Sorry to cross your line but someone’s got to call a spade a spade.

  7. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I like Rep Skindell, but many of the bills that he sponsored are the practically the same ones over and over, such as HB 130 and 131. He easily could have combined that into one concise Bill. Also he has multiple bills concerning flu vaccination. So yes, On sheer numbers he wins. But that’s not what being a Representative is about. Did you bother to look at her voting record?

    Yes, I am aware that she did not cosponsor HB263. But do you know how she voted on it? Also As much as I am in favor of healthcare for everybody, if it isn’t done right then it will be even a bigger mess.

  8. Andrew Warner says:

    Voting records are good but one can’t tell what kind of a representative someone is merely by looking at how they voted.

    He doesn’t win by only sheer number as you point out. He destroys her in productivity by numbers and content of the bills.

    You should pick your battles because some Democrats are worth defending and even promoting. Barrett doesn’t appear to be one of them.

  9. Mr. T says:

    I pity that fool who calls himself Yossarain!

    No friends during the holidays is painful. No healthcare during the holidays is even worse. There are plenty of good models in every other industrialized country. They are all better than ours, but until there is a real opposition party we won’t see anything like them. We continue to get in the closet, republibrats like Pepper.(Thank God his political career is devastated!)

    How long has Yossarian’s political career been?
    Are all demorats your people? (We’d like to know who we can criticize in front of the line.)


  10. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Would you propose something even if you knew there was no chance in hell of it being passed? That’s what the Democrats in the General Assembley are looking at 99% of the time. Who cares how many bills you propose. It’s all about the W’s.

    Ms. Barrett is a politician. Why would she want to attach her reputation and hard work to a bill that will get defeated? Instead, Ms. Barret seems to be willing to work to get her main issues addressed. I’d rather have a Representative willing to do that, than one who is simply worried about sponsering as many un-passable bills as possible. Do you see the difference?


  11. Patriot says:

    “Ms. Barrett is a politician. Why would she want to attach her reputation and hard work to a bill that will get defeated?”

    It’s the right thing to do and if she was a ghood politician, she’d get it done.

  12. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Hello, Andrew:
    You have never met Representative Catherine Barrett as I understand this?
    As your esteemed colleague, The Dean, once worked through another
    blog, someone threw out an invitation to meet with the THEN Senator
    from the 9th District of Ohio, now Mayor Mallory. Did you attend that gathering? Hope so.
    If not, I will issue the same invitation here for a different candidate.

    Age can be a distasteful fruit if we are only to consider it as prerequisite
    to taking on anything. We get testy as youngsters when we are not heard.
    We get testy as oldsters when we are not heard. When we do not cross the chasm to
    meet others as humans and people….we are miffed that the other does not understand us.
    Cartoonists are the print media comedians who stay the distance from their subjects so they will not be attached and fail to be “objective” objective as “so I won’t be able to make fun of you and then feel bad that I did because you are a pretty decent person and I might actually find connection”.

    I’ll issue the same invitation (challenge?) as I did for the Dean as related to Mallory; figure out if you have several other bloggers who would like to meet and I will make sure Representative Barrett will schedule a gathering. My concern is not if you like her or not. It is not if she meets your needs. It is what she was called to and decided to do as a human being to both the post she now holds and was elected to, and the one she will win initially in May, then take in November.

    I will not call you, son, at this point, Mr. Warner. But I saw this political arena as a tiny child, until I left it in my late-20’s. For very deep and strongly held reasons, I resumed civic and political, commonly called deliberate human intent,  in my late 40’s.  You did not tell the audience that in the venue we both participated within last Saturday, the one you have so well described with Rev. Lynch and Chris Smitherman (both that I have admiration fo but do not always agree with), that all of the presenters were male (and all did a heck of a job). You did not say that there were approximately 50 people in attendance (great gathering for a Saturday at the library) and that approximately 6-8 were women, age range was approximately overall was 19 - 68(and there were children present), and where in town they came from (I counted at least 18 communities). Mr. Warner, ask others if you might see through their eyes, before you blast what you perceive they have done or not done. Grab what historians love to work within… to the subject that you attempt to speak about…especially if it is human.

    You have my contact information.  My name is Jenny Edwards, somewhat an activist, multi-cultural, always a teacher, dependable Democrat, supporter of female and male right, subcriber to The Herald. And, to directly confuse you, Campaign Coordinator for Catherine Barrett for Ohio State Senate.  Take care, stay warm….and give it a thought.

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