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Friday, June 02, 2006

The news not on TV…

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Guest short by Mark Lause.

The stealing of the 2004 election was debunked by the Republicans and their friends in the “liberal” (?!) media as “a conspiracy theory.” 

The Democrats themselves hid from the implications, but the present Green candidate for governor, Bob Fitrakis and historian Harvey Wasserman did some serious old-fashioned muckracking over the issue.  Their conclusion was, to paraphrase Fitrakis, Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell should be in court facing serious criminal charges rather then running for the U.S. Senate on the Jesus-and-Guns ticket.

However, the problems are now being partially spelled out in ROLLING STONE
by someone who counts (maybe)... Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Some of us might remember his daddy….

Mark L.

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  1. Bearman says:

    From the article.

    But as the evening progressed, official tallies began to show implausible disparities—as much as 9.5 percent—with the exit polls. In ten of the eleven battleground states, the tallied margins departed from what the polls had predicted. In every case, the shift favored Bush. Based on exit polls, CNN had predicted Kerry defeating Bush in Ohio by a margin of 4.2 percentage points. Instead, election results showed Bush winning the state by 2.5 percent. Bush also tallied 6.5 percent more than the polls had predicted in Pennsylvania, and 4.9 percent more in Florida

    When I look at the exit polls on CNN for Ohio, I read it as Bush 50.1% to Kerry 49.9%.

    I can’t figure out where these numbers cited are coming from.

  2. Tucker Carlson says:

    How is this not on the news? I had Bobby on my show last night.

  3. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    As I recall after all the water cleared the bridge the only misdeeds of any consequence were performed by Democrats in Nothern Ohio…..crack for votes. No Republicans were implicated in anything after the investigations were completed.

    Don’t ever hang your jock on what CNN says!

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