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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Libertarian Jim Berns protests at the home of Steve Driehaus

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Jim Berns, a Libertarian candidate for the 1st Congressional District, joined the recent protest at Steve Driehaus’ home— though it was widely condemned as inappropriate, even by the local Tea Party.  The “protest” was apparently organized by Jim Schifrin in The Whistleblower, a hardcore racist newsletter.

A media advisory sent by Berns himself actually quotes from The Whistleblower:

Jim Berns will join the protest in front of Steve Driehaus’ house at 1018 Benz today (Sunday March 28th) from noon till 3pm.

Driehaus refused to meet with opponents of the Obama Economic and Health Care Destruction Act so we must bring the messege to him.

See quote below from the Whistleblower

*Libertarian First District Congressional Candidate Jim Berns says Dumpy voted to hire 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce ObamaCare. Dumpy also voted for ObamaCare, even though it left out the “Doctor Fix” which will cost billions so they could fake it, making the bill looked like it would “Save Money.” Dumpy also voted to nationalize the student loan program, costing thousands of jobs in the private sector and moving them to Washington and raising interest rates students will pay. Dumpy rode in on Obama’s coattails and he’ll be riding out on them too. No wonder so many voters in the First District are mad at Dumpy. Let him know what we think Sunday at 1018 Benz Avenue in Price Hill at 1:30 PM.  If he won’t come to us, let’s go tell him what we think of him.

This is the same newsletter that claimed it had set up a “Tea Party Revenge Hot Line,” asking for people to send ideas for “threats and intimidation.”

Now, Berns intends to return to Driehaus’ neighborhood:

Jim Berns, who protested in front of Steve Driehaus’ home Sunday, will return to Driehaus’ neighborhood Tuesday March 30th from 4:30 pm till 6PM at the corner of Rapid Run and Anderson Ferry.

“I want everyone in his neighborhood, Price Hill, Delhi and the voters of the First District to know Driehaus betrayed them”,  Berns said.

The crowd was a little thin Sunday, but if anyone wants to join me Tuesday they will be welcome.

Lets tell everyone to REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER.

For additonal Information contact Jim Berns 513-708-0815

The protest at Driehaus’ home, which Berns appears to have enjoyed thoroughly, was condemned by the Cincinnati Tea Party, denounced by the Cincinnati 9/12 Project, and repudiated by the Cincinnati Arhdiocese.

I have contacted the Ohio Libertarian Party, and will update this article if they provide a comment.

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  1. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    This guy actually quotes the Whistleblower in a media advisory? Wow!

  2. aditya says:

    It is really bad that they are fighting with other. It is better if they will solve the issue with talk to each other.

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