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Monday, May 17, 2010

More corporate propaganda disguised as news from 3CDC’s Enquirer

Posted by Justin Jeffre

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The Beacon’s busted 3CDC’s Enquirer pushing war propaganda and continuously failing to disclose their publisher’s seat on the board of 3CDC when they cover what 3CDC is doing to our community. Now 3CDC’s Enquirer is pushing lies and demonizing the homeless to further their goals for gentrification and colonialism in OTR.

Esme Kenney’s death, for example, was tragic, but it didn’t happen anywhere near OTR—where SCPA is currently located or near the Drop Inn Center (DIC). Kenney’s murderer, Anthony Kirkland, had no connection to the Drop Inn Center. Kenney was murdered in the woods near her home in Winton Hills.

Yet a new article by 3CDC’s Enquirer implies that Kirkland was somehow connected to the Drop Inn:

In March, convicted sex offender Anthony Kirkland was sentenced to death after a jury found him guilty of the March 7, 2009, murder of 13-year-old Esme Kenney, an SCPA student. Kirkland had been a resident of the Pogue Rehabilitation Center for sex offenders, which is operated by the Volunteers of America on McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine.

Qualls agreed that the school’s proximity to the shelter is a concern.

“You don’t want to paint every homeless person with this brush that they should be viewed as a threat. The majority are not,” she said. “But in this situation, if I were on the board (at the Drop Inn Center) I would be very concerned. It only takes one incident.”

The article might have acknowledged that “Kirkland had been a resident of the Pogue Rehabilitation Center for sex offenders.” But nobody is arguing that sex offenders should have residence near a school.  And none of this has a bearing on the Drop Inn Center.

Are we to believe that homeless people are sex offenders? What does Kirkland have to do with this issue? This is just an attempt to scare the public by equating homeless people with sex offending murderers.

Kenney wasn’t murdered by a homeless person. Anthony Kirkland was a registered sex offender and a convicted killer that stayed at a halfway house. Implying that the Kirkland case had anything to do with homelessness is pure propaganda that unfairly demonizes the homeless population.

The Enquirer article also fails to mention that there was a school at the other end of Washington Park for many years, and there apparently were never any incidences of little children being harmed by homeless people. Otherwise, those bullying the Drop Inn Center would have something more concrete to use as an example, rather than using the fear of a guy like Anthony Kirkland.

Being homeless isn’t a crime. But the politicians at City Hall are heavily funded by the CEO’s of 3CDC and they have been criminalizing and demonizing the homeless for a long time. 3CDC’s Enquirer has not only failed to challenge those in power, but they continue to perpetuate their propaganda.

Take another look at Roxanne Qualls’ quote in the article:  “You don’t want to paint every homeless person with this brush that they should be viewed as a threat. The majority are not.  But in this situation, if I were on the board (at the Drop Inn Center) I would be very concerned. It only takes one incident.”

By advancing these ideas in the media, Qualls is painting with a broad brush, and 3CDC’s Enquirer is helping to paint a very distorted and dishonest picture.

If people like Qualls thought a school’s proximity to the Drop Inn Center were a concern, where was their concern when CPS decided to put a school there many years ago? And why did they fail to voice their concern?  Now that the old elementary school has been demolished, and a brand new state-of-the-art facility has been built—only now do we see these ramped up complaints.

A reporter’s job is to question those in power, but 3CDC’s Enquirer fails to ask Qualls if there had ever been any incidents at the elementary school at Washington Park. (If there were, they certainly did not give them the ink they currently dedicate to the specter of fear at the still-not-open SCPA.)  Is it because they already know the answer? One can only speculate, but 3CDC’s Enquirer doesn’t have a good enough track record to deserve the benefit of the doubt.

The Enquirer should question those in power instead of pushing their propaganda and disguising it as news. 3CDC has a history of broken promises and zero accountability, but you won’t read about them in their Enquirer.

Has 3CDC found homes for the people they kicked out of the Metropole yet? They didn’t help the 33 residents at 1316 Race St. who were displaced by the owner as a condition of the sale of the building to 3CDC. Those OTR residents got 30 days notice to vacate the building and some of them were forced to spend some time at the Drop Inn Center.

The Drop Inn Center has a legal right to remain where it is and should be respected, not threatened by 3CDC funded politicians at City Hall. City Hall should spend less time shoveling our tax dollars to developers and pushing around the poor and more time dealing with the root causes of poverty.  If the politicians are going to give 3CDC our tax dollars there should be real oversight. The Enquirer is certainly no watch dog, it’s a lap dog.

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  1. Big Bird says:

    Where was JJ to decry the deplorable living conditions for the residents of the Metropole? The residents were terrorized by a criminal gang on a daily basis. Drug dealing and prostitution were rampant. Where was JJ’s empathy for the poor and downtrodden then? And 3CDC is in fact providing relocation assistance to the residents, both cash for expenses and relocation assistance. When you live in subsidized housing unfortunately you will occasionally have to make some sacrifices. You might have to move if a building is closed or torn down. This is one of those occasions. Now if 3CDC can just get the bums out of Washington Park so that residents can actually use and enjoy the park I will be impressed.

    Got some bad news for you JJ: The Streetcar system is going to be built. Washington Park is going to be revamped. Gateway & OTR will continue to be redeveloped. The Metropole is going to become a hotel. And there’s nothing that you can do to stop it

  2. anon says:

    Nobody is forcing the drop inn center to take that deal. 3CDC has approached them with a business deal, they can take it, leave it or counter offer. Hopefully they will take the deal. I thought that Enquirer piece was very balanced overall with the exception of the inexplicable inclusion of the bit about Esme Kenney. That bit ruined an otherwise fine article. Have you emailed the reporter to ask her why she included that in the article? I would like to hear an explanation for that.

  3. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    As I recall there were plenty of residents fighting to stay where they were. 3CDC couldn’t even keep them in their own neighborhood. Here we have on display the definition of faux humanitarianism.

    3CDC is subsidized with our tax dollars. Don’t pretend the free market is at work. Some people get big handouts, others get the boot.

    And how much money has 3CDC gotten from the City of Cincinnati? 3CDC’s board is made up of all the CEO’s that get corporate welfare as well. Start adding those numbers and it is staggering.

    City Hall-which is corporate occupied territory-gave 3CDC a 40 year lease on the Fountain Square garage that is worth over $100 million alone. Plus we gave them tens of millions more for other projects.

    This unaccountable faux governmental entity has no oversight. We had to step up several times to make the garage safer for handicapped people. An over $40 million dollar renovation-it was our money-and they failed to make the garage any safer for handicapped people. They made it worse until the heat kept getting put on them. Notice how 3CDC’s Enquirer totally missed that story though their offices are a few blocks away.

    Don’t count your federal dollars before you get them. We know the estimated private dollars never happened that advocates thought they’d get. I’m not trying to stop the streetcar, but I would like to see less pools closing. That’s right, I can’t stop that either. But there is no doubt more will close and other services will be cut back or eliminated as the streetcar sucks money out of the already strained budget every year.

    Nobody is forcing the drop inn center to take that deal.

    The Mayor and Vice Mayor were clear. They are telling them to leave-no they can’t really force them-and putting this pressure with BS about a sex offending killer that had nothing to do with the DIC. Shame on Qualls and Mallory for the way they handled the situation, but I expect nothing more from corporate Democrats.

    If you want to hear the reporters explanation go ahead an email her. I sent this to her, but don’t expect a reply. Yeah, take away the blatant propaganda and lack of balance then it would have been a fine article. That’s a great philosophy for reading our daily paper of corporate propaganda disguised as news.

  4. dipsy doodle says:

    The folks at the Metropole live at taxpayer’s expense. There are plenty of other flophouses that they can move to. 3CDC has done a damn fine job with Fountain Square, more power to them. I say we let them manage Washington Park as well. 3CDC can make it a Bum Free Zone. And just to keep the facts straight JJ, the cost to renovate the garage was $48.9 million. City taxpayers only paid for $4 million of that. The balance was paid for by private donations, state grants and private loans. Fountain Square happened over your objections just like the Streetcars etc will move forward over your objections.

  5. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    dipsy doodle, 3CDC lives at taxpayer expense. 3CDC did a crappy job with Fountain Square. The garage wasn’t made safe for handicapped people until we called them out. Their step design was dangerous until we called them out. I saw several people trip on them before they finally fixed them.

    3CDC has interferred with people’s rights to free speech and made up rules that aren’t really laws or enforceable.

    And just to keep the facts straight JJ, the cost to renovate the garage was $48.9 million.

    Really, because it was only supposed cost $42 million. I guess they went over budget. If you read what I wrote I said, “An over $40 million dollar renovation”. The city gave $4 million to 3CDC plus the Fountain Square garage revenue stream. It was $1.8 million a year before 3CDC raised the garage rates and put in the Mr. Clean. Go ahead and ask them how much they are pulling in a year. Actually $100 million is a very conservative estimate.

    It’s no wonder they have plenty of money for programming plus it now costs a lot more for citizens to have an event. They managed to make FS smaller by putting a private restaurant on public space and the city may be on the hook for those construction costs. And they abridged people’s first amendment rights until they were taken to court.

    Yeah, we couldn’t stop the FS deal because 3CDC’s council rammed it through two weeks after it was made public, but it didn’t have public support. You must be proud. The streetcar isn’t a done deal, but I do think it will happen. The NAACP made a mistake by making the ballot language to broad. Otherwise I strongly doubt the streetcar would have passed gievn the cities financial woes.

  6. dipsy doodle says:

    JJ if you think that fountain square is crappy compared to what it looked like before than you are in a teeny tiny minority on that one. Its interesting how you always leave this part out of your tired harangue about the garage: 3CDC paid the city $7.5 million in cash upfront for the lease. 3CDC is now responsible for 100% of the operating, maintenance & upkeep costs of the garage for the balance of the lease. All future renovations, staffing, utility & maintenance costs will fall on 3CDC and not the city taxpayers. So tell us JJ, what is the profit from that revenue stream after all expenses are paid? Feel free to pull a Patton and give us an ‘I couldn’t find the answer anywhere’ excuse.

  7. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    No, I’m not in the minority. Did you see the comments at the Enquirer? We’ve gotten all kinds of negative feedback from people that have no idea about the politics of it. People like the programming which isn’t magically being paid for, it comes from the revenue stream that they captured.

    I’d be happy to give you $7.5 million if you would then immediately turn around and give me $4 million plus a revenue stream of $1.8 million a year which I could easily increase by raising the price of parking-which is exactly what 3CDC did. It is the city’s most profitable garage. And they have more than enough money from the revenue to cover whatever those costs will be and make profit on top of it. 

    So tell us JJ, what is the profit from that revenue stream after all expenses are paid?

    3CDC doodle, why don’t you ask your friends at 3CDC? Oh yeah, it is their little secret that they say is “private information”. If you don’t think they’re making a profit every year then I have a bridge you may want to buy. Yeah, they are taking a loss which is why they wanted a 50 year lease.

    Just because nobody at 3CDC’s Enquirer mentioned the revenue stream in their glowing revues of the deal doesn’t mean that nobody noticed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m thrilled that 3CDC makes a healthy profit off of the FS Garage because that means that they will have money to buy more buildings in OTR and hasten that neighborhood’s transformation. It also means that they’ll have the dough to move the Dew Drop Inn Center. And Justin, if you are relying on the City Hate Troll filled comments section of the Enquirer to prove some type of negative referendum on the FS redo than you must really be desperate. Look at that comment section on any given day-if you went by the majority of comments on that site lynching would be legalized. It’s so bad that the Enquirer has had to close it’s comments section on any story involving crime and black persons. That’s some referendum

  9. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    The Biz Courier reported that the plan fell with a “thud” when it was first presented to the public. 3CDC claimed they made changes based on feedback they got and were asked by council to bring it to council before making it public. Council proceeded to ram it through.

    We have received feedback from lots of people that wasn’t solicited. I think people like that there is more programming, but we didn’t need to give away 40 years worth of garage revenue for that. Many people don’t think what they did to the square was an improvement. Moving the statue wasn’t popular. They put a private restaurant on our public square and I don’t think it is going well.

    The stage is real small and the sound system isn’t good. Joe Grey confirmed to us that the parking fund will take a hit from the missing revenue stream.

  10. .Cincy..Capell. says:

    Via Vita is in point of fact doing very well. It’s even doing more business than their other restaurant, Nicola’s, which does quite well. And should Via Vita fail then the the City can simply lease the space to another operator. It would be a turnkey operation. You may not like the new FS but I do, as do the majority of the people that I know, so we will have to agree to disagree on that point. You do not have any type of scientific polling data to show what the majority of the public thinks one way or another. All that you have is some hearsay evidence. One thing is for certain however: FS is never changing back to the way that it was, so take it or leave it.

  11. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I never said there was scientific evidence, just that I’ve seen enough feedback to know that we aren’t alone. I know that FS isn’t going to change back any time soon. But the point is really the lack of oversight and public input in 3CDC’s projects. And of course the Enquirer fails to provide a balance of views or any negative coverage when 3CDC screws up as they did in failing to make the garage safe even after serious issues had been pointed out to them.

  12. TheWatcher says:

    Love the reference to the “3CDC Enquirer.” That and 3CDC “lapdog” are very apt names. Margaret Buchanan relishes any and all opportunities to ingratiate herself with the business community by ordering up editorial support of 3CDC ventures (except, inexplicably, the streetcar project. Then again, no need for a streetcar when you live on the outskirts of Indian Hill.) Volunteering the Enquirer to serve as the public relations arm of 3CDC and the Chamber ensures that local corporations and businesses will be favorably inclined to advertise in the Enquirer,, Metromix, ShopLocal and other Gannett-owned media. It’s a tried-and-true mutual back-scratching strategy that precludes the paper from asking tough questions of the business establishment and 3CDC. What, for example, is 3CDC’s desired end game? I’m sure no one would admit that it is the total removal of the lower class from Over-the-Rhine.

  13. Handsome Dan says:

    Justin, when are you and The Dean going to tell the White House they need slip-proof steps for Mexicans?

    Why are these people serving on boards instead of you?  Because they’re smarter and work harder.

  14. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Via Vita has a sweetheart deal. Their rent is based on their profits. When sales go down, so does their rent. The CEO’s on 3CDC’s board give a majority of the political contributions to council. Though they don’t live in the city they are taking over. It pays to invest in city government.

  15. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Re: Anthony Kirkland.

    Justin, I’d suggest you get your facts straight in this reference to A Kirkland and the Drop Inn Center.

    Anthony Kirkland WAS a resident of the Drop Inn Center in the months preceding the death of Esme Kennedy. I understand they are now screening residents for sex offender status, but he indeed live there. Had they had this policy in place (as they should have long ago), he may have been identified. I’m sure he isnt the only S.O. they house(d).

    I’d say that makes the Drop Inn Center figure prominently in this.

  16. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    DickWanker, the fact is Kirkland had been staying at the Pogue Rehabilitation Center. He killed her in Winton Hills by her home. The DIC has always screened for sex offenders, but they have improved on those efforts. There was an elementary school by Washington Park for nearly 20 years and no kids were harmed. The DIC had nothing to do with it.

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