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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black Agenda Report: Rev. Al Sharpton is Obama’s Junk Yard Dog

Posted by Justin Jeffre

The Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford takes on Rev. Al Sharpton for biting into critics of Obama-like Tavis Smiley-for saying that Black America should formulate its own political agenda, separate from Obama’s policies, which have seen Black unemployment, evictions and foreclosures reach Depression-era levels. Ford said, “Now that Sharpton has truly hit the big time, the media spotlights will surely burn him to a crisp.”

I wrote about the dust up between Sharpton and Smiley here and the similar rift in the progressive community between those who think that the left must finally make some demands on President Obama and his Democratic majority instead of just making demands. Ford said, “Sharpton snarled that folks like Smiley were trying to hold Obama to a “double-standard,” demanding more from a Black president than they would from a white Democrat - which is absolute nonsense, since so-called Black leadership has made virtually no demands on Obama since he announced his candidacy three years ago.”

“Sharpton’s financial dealings cannot stand serious scrutiny. His service to Power is going to cost him dearly - and President Obama will find himself covered with the slime, as well,” said Ford. He criticizes Sharpton for joining in a “salt-and-pepper White House-sponsored tour with right wing rabble rouser and former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Gingrich and Sharpton teamed up to shill for Obama’s corporate-inspired attempt to massively transform public schools into non-union, charter schools.” And he points out that Obama greatly expanded U.S. wars while overseeing the biggest transfer in history of public wealth to private pockets and that Sharpton verbally savages even his mildest critics.

The same thing can be said for the left in this country. Unions and progressive groups are having events across the country to thank Democrats like Steve Driehaus for voting for a health care reform bill that further entrenches private profits for the health industry-a plan which was supported by Republicans before they were against it.

One has to wonder if black leaders and the left have a breaking point when it comes to President Obama. Will the left ever decide to push or pull President Obama to act on their agenda as Corporate America has pushed him to act on their agenda? Or will they continue to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil when it comes to Obama and his Democrat majority’s corporate agenda?

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  1. Citizens Against Joe Deters says:

    Will the left ever decide to push or pull President Obama to act on their agenda as Corporate America has pushed him to act on their agenda?

    interesting observation.

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