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Monday, November 26, 2012

21c Hotel Celebration of Discrimination

Posted by Media Release

Today the ribbon was cut to open a 21c Boutique Hotel.  3cdc displaced 208 people from their homes in order for 21c to open this Boutique Hotel.  The primary cause of homelessness is a lack of affordable housing.  3cdc destroyed about 223 affordable apartments in the Central Business District. The Metropole Tenant Association fought 3cdc for two and a half years, eventually filling a federal lawsuit.  Tenants secured the first settlement in favor of displaced Tenants ever in Cincinnati history.

It is important that the Public knows that those celebrating the opening of the 21c Boutique Hotel are also celebrating the forced removal of 208 people from their homes- young people, old people, black people, white people, men, women, veterans, people with disabilities, conservatives, liberals, etc. All of these people were displaced.  The celebrations today celebrates discrimination- the belief that only certain people with lots of money should live in the Central Business District and that if we forcibly remove everyone with low-incomes, the downtown will thrive.  This is not only a wrong belief, it is immoral and hateful.

We should not praise discrimination, bullying or disrespect.  We should not praise public and private dollars going into the forced removal of People. We should not praise the economic cleansing of our Central Business District.  Can you imagine a company buying your homes and over 200 homes around you and then telling you and all of your neighbors you must leave, because they want to bring people with more money in?

We must remember that this is the same fight the Women of the Anna Louise Inn are involved in.  western and southern would like to own the Anna Louise Inn in order to remove all of the Women and open new condos or a luxury hotel.  western and southern, like 3cdc did with Metropole, is working to displace People with low-incomes from the Central Business District.

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