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War on Christmas, pt. 2 (2011)
Thursday, November 17, 2011

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

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For years, radical Christians have complained there is a “warn on Christmas,” apparently because some stores say things like “Happy Holidays” in case their customers are not of one faith.  (Oh, the horror!)  Nevermind the fact that the winter festival has a history that predates Christianity!  But it looks like atheists have finally decided to take Christians up on their offer, using the winter season as a chance to wage billboard wars against religious thinking—and this year, it looks like they have taken things up a notch.  The billboard wars that started last year are coming back, and some are slated to be placed in Ohio!

The new billboards feature a picture of Jesus alongside the likes of Neptune, Santa, and the Devil, with the phrase “37 million Americans know MYTHS when they see them.” 

Is this phrase going to irritate Christians?  Yes.  Is it likely to change their views?  No.  Might it embolden someone who is atheist, but in the closet about it?  Perhaps.

But most obviously is the fact that offended Christians may finally get a taste of what it’s like to be told “Merry Christmas” over and over when one is not a Christian.  The world if full of Jews, and Muslims, and atheists, and more—and not everyone celebrates the same holidays. 

I think they should have just relaxed about the whole “Happy Holidays” thing, and not imagined a “War on Christmas” when there wasn’t one.  Now the atheists have brought them exactly what they’ve been imagining, and I don’t think they are going to like it.

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