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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey, Sloat!  Your hypocrisy is showing!

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Over at The Daily Bellwether, Bill Sloat has been getting pretty upset by some “redneck jokes” circulating the web from other bloggers.  And in this post, he advocates for getting rid of slurs like “hillbilly.”  But what about calling the Mayor of Cincinnati a “darkie,” or the Superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools “mammy”?  How can Sloat endorse such racially disgusting behavior, while rallying against slurs targeting Appalachians?

We’re talking, of course, about The Whistleblower, a daily email publication written by Jim Schifrin, regularly filled with racist language as described above.  Sloat shows a special adoration of Jim Schifrin’s potty-humored hate-speech, which seems hypocritical given his recent desire to protest hate-speech against Appalachians.

In 2003, Sloat wrote this glowing endorsement of Schifrin for the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

There is no crack staff behind the Whistleblower. 

It is written, edited and self-published entirely by Jim Schifrin, a Humpty-Dumpty-shaped Cincinnati suburbanite with nine telephones in his home who describes himself as being as politically incorrect as a polka dancer at a hip-hop concert. His strong opinions tend to be conservative. Still, his phones seem to be ringing all the time, or another computer message is popping up from a tipster out somewhere in the ether. 

Schifrin, 64, can spout one-liners like a minor-league Mark Twain and writes under a nom-de-plume Charles Foster Kane. 

That’s the fictional newspaper publisher in Citizen Kane, “the best movie ever made,” he says. 

Schifrin’s tipsters are legion.

Here’s sloat writing about material that makes fun of Appalachian dialect:

Viewing the entire cackling depiction of smalltown Ohioans as low-IQ, lazy, uneducated, incoherent and linguistically challenged people who inhabit villages named for turds makes one wonder: How can the creator of such material have a brain so lacking sensibility and judgment, and be stuffed with so much meanness?

C’mon, Sloat.  Your hypocrisy is showing.  How can you endorse Schifrin, and rail against this other material?

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  1. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    “Hillbilly” isn’t even a slur. It’s actually a genre of music, too. The only people I’ve known to be offended by that word are non-hillbillies.

  2. better72 says:

    where is the endorsement of the whistleblower in the article?  seems like a news story to me not an opinion piece while the blog work seems like an opinion piece and not a new story

  3. Freedom Fighters says:


    Every since ‘billy’ took that canoe trip and was made to ‘squeal like a pig’ he has a heated passion for those back-woods boys ?


  4. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Look at the excerpts.  Look at how he writes about Schifrin.  By not describing him the way he describes those parodying Appalachian dialect, he shows a double standard—one that accepts Schifrin instead of condemning him.

  5. end56 says:

    i have read the piece- the piece on schifrin is a news story about his influence on cincinnati politics. read the whole article- it says no one is safe from the “manic” soapbox, says that schfirin resembles Humpty-dumpty, mentions that others find his to be “dishing dirt” or “strip mining” and publishes minette cooper calling it “ugly” and “downright mean to everyone”.

    That is not a glowing endorsement it is a pretty well balanced review of the whistleblower- over the top writing that includes a few good scoops (more so a few years ago then now)

    WHen he writes an opinion piece truly accepting schifrin instead of reporting other peoples reactions to him you will have a story.  until then you are just making things up

  6. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I just sent this:


    I just ran this item about what appears to be a double standard on your part:

    If you take a look at the comments, some suggest I didn’t accurately representing your POV re: Schifrin. That’s reasonable, so it’s only fair to give you a chance to state your position.

    So where do you stand on Jim Schifrin’s long history of racial slurs, such as calling Mayor Mallory a “darkie” and Rosa Blackwell “mammy,” etc? Does that offend you? Are you okay with it? How do you compare it to the “redneck” slurs you wrote about? Do you plan to ever criticize Schifrin’s racism on the Bellwether?, etc.

    In hindsight, it might have been fairer for me to ask you this before running my item. On the other hand, if you now come out swinging against his disgusting racial slurs, it will only make me look like I jumped the gun and misjudged you. Heck, if someone of your reputation publicly calls out Schifrin for his disgusting racial insults, I’m delighted to give you a public apology and also three cheers. He’s gotten away with this racist garbage for too long, don’t you think? I think the primary reason is because not enough people are willing to call him out and tag him for what he is.

    So give it your best shot, Bill. Write whatever you want and I’ll publish your response in its entirety.

    Can you get back to me on this in a day or so? Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    [The Dean]

  7. Anon says:

    Question: if someone posted under the pseudonym, “Cracka ASS Cracka,” yet, made a GREAT point that Sloat himself would agree with—would that commentary be posted?

    Just a question. smile

  8. brown31 says:

    are you going to also ask him to repudiate jeramiah wright?  what about hitler?  TO my knowledge he has also never written an opinion piece about the situation in zimbabwe. 

    who are you to choose what in the world another person chooses to write against.

  9. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Are you suggesting, brown31, that I should not write against Sloat on this?

    Who are you to choose what in the world I choose to write against?

  10. again77 says:

    Are you suggesting, brown31, that I should not write against Sloat on this?

    No I am suggesting why sloat has every reason in the world to ignore you.

    Who are you to choose what in the world I choose to write against?

    I am no one to you just like you are probably no one to sloat.  When he ignores you because he has something better to do hopefully you will keep this in mind.

    In your typical style if he refuses to answer I am sure you will continue to point out how he supports the whistleblower even though there is no proof other than that he didnt choose to respond to your silly request.

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