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WBQC deserves access to cable, satellite customers
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

WBQC—channels 38 and 25 on the UHF of your non-cable and non-satellite television—is only accessible with a UHF antennae.  It is a small local channel that provides a collection of original local programming.  The cable and satellite companies, however, has seen fit to exclude this small station from their offerings.  I think that’s a weird decision, and I think WBQC should be included.

Consider how DishTV advertises their “local stations” option.  (Cincinnati is a market where they offer local stations, and I have them on my own DishTV plan.)

It seems to me, upon further thought, that there is very little “local” about the area networks—since most of their content consists of programs broadcast nationally.  They pretty much just make a few hours of local news.

WBQC has four local programs—Lincoln Ware, The SciZone, Friday Night Fu, and NXS.  And they are looking for more local content.  That seems to me the real definition of a “local station,” and I think DishTV should include them.  It might be less daily hours than the majors provide of news, but WBQC is at least trying to be innovative and creative in their local content.  I think that should be applauded.

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  1. James Brown Ain't Dead...Yet says:

    So Deano:

    Are you fishing for your own local television programming?

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