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Saturday, June 06, 2009

To The People of Cincinnati: Shadow Hare Speaks!

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Photo courtesy of here.

On Friday, June 5th, Cincinnati’s own Shadow Hare attended a happy hour at Mt. Adam’s Pavillion.  He seemed to think he was there to provide “security,” claiming that where large crowds and alcohol mix, danger can occur.  Later into the evening, Shadow Hare took over the mic, giving what may be his first publicized address to the citizens of Cincinnati.  Then he passed around a bucket, asking for dollars, vowing to use the money to bring even more superheros to Cincinnati—claiming that, one day, in the near future, our fair City will see as many superheros as police officers patrolling the streets.  We’ve got exclusive footage of not only the speech, but some interview questions, too—where Shadow Hare shares details about one of his current undercover investigations into one of Cincinnati’s most deadly blocks!

First, the formal address:

Now hear Shadow Hare address some particularities about his alleged crime fighting:


I’m tempted to add some commentary, but I trust the footage speaks for itself…

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  1. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:


  2. Bearman says:

    Whos the new Beacon cub reporter?

  3. material11 says:

    Nothing like picking on the mentally ill.

  4. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    New reporter?  You mean me?

  5. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    My favorite moments from the interview:

    “Shoulder bones.”


  6. Urbanists II is Dead says:

    Shadow Hare has lost a little weight around the middle.  Lookin’ good!

    When is The Consortium of Evil’s Ice Cream Anti-Social?

  7. Wolfie says:

    You knwo you guys can make fun of him as much as you want.  But its a huge statement when some geeky kid has to go into OTR to fight crime because our police aren;t doing the job there.

    And the BIG question is WHY the CPD isn’t doing a good of a a job as they should in OTR?

  8. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I don’t believe anything Shadow Hare says.  Not one word.  The Masked Panhandler is so full of it.

  9. Bearman says:

    New reporter?  You mean me?

    No…the dude in the red shirt who kept tossing out questions.

  10. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    He was just there for the Happy Hour.  I have no idea who he is.

  11. Dewey says:

    I’ll bet every time your woman sees a normal white guy she thinks “What the hell posessed me to…”

  12. Westie Westsider says:

    Shadow Hare is MORE than welcome to come and sit on my street ANY FRIDAY OR SATURDAY nite.

    The past 6 weeks, we have had to impaired drivers crash into parked cars at about 45 MPH, and push them into a well manicured yard, and last night a new truck into a phone pole at 3 am. The police response time is over 30 minutes- so these under 25 in age drivers have a new game- how to walk from a DUI! Both have! Only charged with failure to control a vehicle.

    HOW OR AH… you might ask…

    1. First person- fell out of the car- screaming- “I’m so F’ed up- what the hell did I just do?” she got out her cell phone and started making calls to her friends. Said friends show up, gave her something to make her sick, she starts puking around the corner, the adrineline from the accident kicks in, add on the 30 minute respose time to WESTWOOD. Too much PHBS going on to get to us faster- and she is sober enough to pass the field test and there is nothing that they can do about it. If you pass 3 of 3 on the field test- clean up you breath- you walk.

    2. LAST NIGHT- another 3:15 am episode- this time car goes into new parked truck. Truck goes into telephone pole, now with a noticable lean- they may have to replace it Monday, we know, her expense, but- she calls and has a friend bring her an ace wrap, and wraps up an ankle, does the puke thing as well, and then brushes her teeth- passes 3 of 3. The car behind her stops to report to the police, that she was on the sidewalk and sent a shopping cart flying in the air 3 blocks earlier. SHE WAS ON THE SIDEWALK? She too passed 3-3 and got Loss of vehicle control?

    Now the cars that she hit, all belong to 20- somethings- who all said- watch how they get out of this! I am going, no way. They are hammered. The kids are saying- watch. All of the adults over the age of 35 are standing there at now 4 am- no police yet, Saying, “NO WAY!” !!!  WAY DUDE!!! Both walked. One had insurance and the earlier one didn’t and was a no show in court and the guys new Prius was totaled and he has been informed that his rates will be going up due to an uninsured motorist hitting him and a claim being filed. ALL HE DID WAS LEAVE HIS CAR IN A PARKING ZONE ON THE STREET!!

    And you want to bitch and moan about Melva and Mary and why they have to be constantly at city hall? If this was the EAST SIDE- our response time would be faster. I have pulled the times. I have talked to Striker. It is because of District 3 having to deal with Cumminsville, Fairmount, East Price Hill, Westwood is low man in the priority list when it comes to accidents- even if someone is hurt! Seen it all in my 20 years of living on this street. 911 still sends Cheviot Police after we clearly tell them Cincinnati District 3 and give them addresses!

    So- get off of this guy- take your personal beef up with him somewhere else. This blog has turned into a joke. You haven’t done one serious thread in months and it is obvious that all it has turned into is a MAD-ON for one of the administrators.

    A lot of old time posters and readers have left. And yes- that may be why you didn’t win the best blog award despite all the votes people tried to leave for you. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

  13. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    You think Shadow Hare is going to bust drunk drivers?  Go back to your whine-session with Melva, crybaby.

  14. Bite Me says:

    No but he could hang out at the bars in Cheviot with a phone and start calling in license plate numbers. You want to stand in front of a car with a drunk driver going 45 MPH? OH YEAH- Super DEAN!

    You have become such non-indepent thinker Jason- it is disgusting. And Yeah- when the left wing kids are READY to TEAM UP with WESTWOOD CONCERN because they are tired of having their property destroyed, it is time something has to be done.

    You have a family, and this could be your car, or your children coming home meeting one of these smart assed kids who are beating the system- and all you do is find fault. SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET KILLED. And yeah the MADD people aren’t saint’s. Sorry the public record is there.

    This is a joke with this guy! And you think he is serious? That is the funny thing. The joke has been on you! Get those panties out of a wad. He thinks this this fun. He isn’t serious at all!!! You need to talk to some of his east side friends who are laughing like hell at this year’s prank. He does something stupid ever year or so! You have no idea…you have lost touch with the base, dude.

  15. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I agree Shadow Hare is a total fraud. I don’t believe he has any undercover investigations going on and you have to wonder what he’s really going to do with the money he collected. Maybe he’s going to Target to buy another one of his friends a mask and some spandex. Having a dislocated shoulder, a mask and some underoos doesn’t make you a superhero.

  16. .Cincy..Capell. says:


    as a fellow Westsider (I live in Covedale) I sympathize with your views regarding the degradation of our Westside neighborhoods over the past decades and the high crime rates in many of our neighborhoods. However your hysterical rant is completely over the top. Firstly, I witness cars driving 45 MPH up and down Glenway, Harrison, Montana & Westwood-Northern Blvd day and night, so it’s hardly that ‘drunk drivers’ are unique a problem regarding speeding.

    Secondly, vomiting, brushing your teeth, gargling with mouthwash etc are not going to change the results of a persons blood alcohol levels if they are already drunk. A breath, blood or urine test measures the amount of alcohol already absorbed into a persons bloodstream. If these drivers did not test positive for OVI it’s because they were not drunk, period, so stop your crying because young people go out on the weekends. Cheviot is the last bastion of decent nightlife on the Westside. All of those bars, which you just complained about in your post, are filled with young white kids by the way so I’m surprised that you and your racist friends aren’t giving those businesses some type of award.

    Response times are longer at 3am on the Westside because the cops are simply very busy and overwhelmed.

  17. Bearman says:

    ...and you have to wonder what he’s really going to do with the money he collected.

    It’s called trust…kind of like we do when the Beacon does a fund drive.

  18. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    No, this isn’t anything like when the Beacon does a fund drive. We say specifically what the money is going for and exactly who we are.

    Saying the money is going to bring more superheros is pretty vague and he promises that before he is done there will be as many superheros as cops which is just unbelievable. How does one get more superheros, by putting an ad in a newspaper putting up posters or what? What exactly is a superhero? If Shadow Hare and his friends are superheros why do we need so many other superheros? Don’t you have to have some sort of super powers or even a super cool costume to be a superhero or something?

    If this guy and his friends are for real why don’t they just join Citizens on Patrol or other real citizen organizations instead of just playing dress up? Why should we trust people that feel the need to remain anonymous and that can provide no verifiable proof that they’ve stopped any crimes? If he really wants to fight crime why doesn’t he become a police officer.

    I feel sorry for the guy if he really suffered the kind of abuse that he claims he did, but I think this guy might have some serious mental health issues and should probably talk to a mental health professional.

  19. tried98 says:

    I feel sorry for the guy if he really suffered the kind of abuse that he claims he did, but I think this guy might have some serious mental health issues and should probably talk to a mental health professional.

    So why are you posting and giving attention to a guy who is probably mentally ill?

  20. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I didn’t post this and the mainstream media made him a story.

  21. union25 says:

    I didn’t post this and the mainstream media made him a story.

    Website is registered in your name isn’t it? 

    Why are you following the mainstream media.  If they jumped off a bridge would you?

  22. Westie Westsider says:

    1. African American
    2. Pakistani
    3. Kenyan
    4. Asian/ Pacific Decent

    I am Team M & M worst nightmare! My Open House I know had me on a terrorist list with all the people coming and going!! And when the 8 foot OBAMA sign went out of my attic window- I really took the chance of getting their wrath. You ever try to buck them-but if you need them- you use them!

    And I think that Melva and Mary are disgusting with their racist crap! But if you have to get something done- you go to them with the facts, and the proof, and the story, and then they organize their gang. And I consider them an organized gang like the gangs in this city.

    Have you gone to a Neighborhood block watch to break up our Jr. Gang? Talk about a bi-partisian group- that is wild- the rule is no politics while we work for a common good. And it works. Party on a street corner where they hang out- and they get mad and start yelling at us to move our chairs while we are on private property. They don’t like it at all.

    I do not support 7/8 th of what they do- but when it comes time to get the attention of District 3- they are the go- to people.

    And I got in the middle of a street race on River Road last week. Talk about not fun. Even Cleves is backing down. We all grew up with- you stay out of there or get arrested. The kids laugh now.

    NO I DO NOT SUPPORT MELVA and MARY. Use them when you need them.

  23. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:


    Please state your position on the NAACP working with COAST.


  24. Westie says:

    Anytime Chris Finney has his butt smacking routine stuck anyplace- I don’t trust anything that man has ever touched. Just ask how high and dry he left Phil when it came to politics-forget their business ventures-rental property still a cash cow around here! He is best friends with CombOver Stevie too- know that one- Got that straight from Stevie’s mouth one day while he was campaigning. And I just laughed and asked if he would be coming to PHC to slap his butt for all of us- I wanted a front row seat!

    You want to keep supporting him and his causes with COAST- you will be used and fried like all of the people in his life. He is one of these people in like who always manages to find opportunity and run with it, make money from it, and walk from it.

    Actually I envy people like them. They always seem to come out ahead! But respect-sorry.

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