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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is it a Dark Bunny?  A face needing a shave?  No, it’s SHADOW HARE!

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Photo courtesy of here.

And you told me calling myself “The Dean of Cincinnati” was crazy!  By now, you’ve probably seen WLWT’s groundbreaking story about Shadow Hare—a skinny 21 year old white guy from Milford who puts on a costume and fights crime in Over-The-Rhine, armed with handcuffs, pepper spray, and a taser.  This is not a joke—or, perhaps I should say, “This is actually happening.”  The guy appears to be totally serious.

Watch the original report here.

Shadow Hare, who does not reveal his identity, says he was abused as a child.  I guess now he’s striking back in the name of Justice, by leaving Milford to patrol streets in a different city.  Lucky for us, he picked Cincinnati!

I feel completely flummoxed by this scenario.  This is Peter Parker, without the radio-active spider—which means this is Spiderman without any of the super spider powers.  This is like that reality show from the Sci Fi channel, only without the prize and the Hollywood special effects—or a professionally designed costume.

What’s next?  Will a gang of super-villains emerge, to engage turf wars with Shadow Hare and his super duper friends?  What would Shadow Hare do if confronted by another weird guy in a mask, wielding a taser and pepper spray?

Or even worse, what if Shadow Hare gets confronted by a real criminal with a gun?  If Shadow Hare is mowed down in cold blood, will everyone who laughed feel guilty for not seeking help for this band of wanna-be comic book characters?

Follow the first link above.  Watch the WLWT anchors’ incapability of holding back their laughter.  What set them off?  The absurdity of the scenario?  The dramatic soundtrack while Shadow Hare gave his speech?

Is it funny when a formerly abused foster child from Milford takes his skinny white self downtown with a vigilante spirit to enforce the law all by himself?

I’m amused, and concerned, and confused—all at the very same time.

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  1. Citizens Against Joe Deters says:

    Well he’s got good intentions.
    Milford is my neck of the woods.
    But I think, perhaps, he should start out slow.  For instance Milford’s got crime.

    edgecomb apt.
    milford common apt.

    and there are some other hot spots. Meth is a problem out here.  Sexting teens. Also, the kids like to steal pop from the pepsi truck at the high school when the driver goes inside.

    It’s a big leap going from Milford to OTR.

  2. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Hasn’t anyone noticed his frequent comments about abuse he suffered as a child?  Anyone else out there think it is odd that an adult would go around the city dressed up as a comic super hero?  The Shadow Hare is a deeply disturbed individual who really needs the support of a good psychiatrist.  However, people like Jason and those at Channel 5 would prefer to exploit the mentally ill for ratings rather than try to find ways to help them.  Another disgusting display of immoral behavior from Jason.

  3. NtotheC says:

    I won’t laugh when this kid gets killed, but I won’t miss a step either.

    The police need to find him and stop him.  For his protection, and so he doesn’t go around pepper spraying innocent people.

  4. Bearman says:

    So are you wondering if you are more crazy or less. ha ha j/k

    I say more power to the kid.  If that is what makes him happy and he understands the risk..great.  Now if he was going out Dirty Harry style all fully loaded…then I would be concerned.

  5. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    It never said OTR, did it?

    I’ve never seen him and I’ve lived downtown/otr for 3 years

  6. Justice says:

    Hooray for Shadow Hare!
    He and his fellow crime fighters are a bright spot in Cincinnati. They are a combination of Citizens on Patrol (COP)which has CPD supplied radios and vehicles, and Meals on Wheels without the wheels. Whenever you see COP, they are usually in groups standing on a street corner with their walkie talkies, not walking around doing “patrols”. The Shadow Hare group in my opinion is much more deserving of financial support than COP which is basically a police auxiliary group. I love this story! Where can I send a donation?

  7. JAE says:

    He can be seen frequently in the area of downtown where the
    WLWT footage ws shot. Have seen him several times just walking alone
    out and about.
    Not sure what to make of it. Seems of positive edge.
    We need more eyes and ears on the street and in the neighborhoods to report matters before and as they are happening.

  8. .Cincy..Capell. says:

    Enjoy your hearty laugh WLWT anchors, Justice/Finney and your ilk. Let’s see if you’re still laughing when this poor fucking kid gets himself hurt or killed after he crosses paths with some thug with a gun. This kid seems well intentioned, but obviously disturbed.

    BTW, Citizens On Patrol do not carry pepper spray, tazers or handcuffs. They observe and report, and they get results. And I have seen those results in my own neighborhood.

  9. librariangrrl says:

    Yeah, he’s in OTR and DT frequently.

    I’m not sure if I think it’s a positive channeling of the abuse he suffered as a child (OTR Ben makes a point, he does talk about it OFTEN) or if he should seek a psychiatric evalualtion.

    Regardless, might I suggest he shorten his cape?  I almost tripped over it a couple nights ago.

  10. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Dean -

    Not to nitpick, but I re-watched the story…nowhere does it even reference OTR.  I’m going to assume/hope this is an honest mistake, not some fear builder a-la charlie winburn.  PLease edit your story appropriately.

  11. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    So the business district is a high crime area?

  12. Justice says:

    Capell #8, reading is fundamental. Where did I make mention of COP using tasers, handcuffs or pepper spray? I clearly stated they have walkie talkies and vehicles. Just for the record, COP doesn’t walk the streets passing out food to the needy either. I still want to contribute to the food fund.

    Furthermore, just because this guy chooses to dress up and consider himself a crime fighter does not mean he is mentally ill. He says his upbringing of having been abused and living in foster homes makes him want to help others. There is nothing “ill” about wanting to help people in need. Why is it that you all have attributed his alleged mental illness to him having been abused or living in foster homes?

    Are you telling us that anyone who dares to be different in Cincy has to have a mental condition? I’ll make a note of that.

  13. Anne says:

    To their credit (!) the police are handling him very well. It’s true, there are a ton of COPs out there (we think they all need uniforms!). They like people on the street walking around, it’s a good thing. Taking the law into one’s own hands—not so much. It’s a difficult balance. The look on the sheriff’s deputy’s face after S.H. gave him his card was priceless!

    And, I thought the tv news did a good job (again, “!”) in that they looked at the legality of the situation. The reporter who was cracking up, who knows what part of it made him do it—they cover all kinds of crazy shit every day and maybe this just struck him as an amazing mix of good/bad/absurd news?

    So, what to think? I admit, when I saw the craigslist ad seeking an intern who would be willing to wear a cape, I immediately thought of the Dean. But heck, why not a crimefighter in town? There are worse things to be known for.

  14. Anne says:

    Note, too, he isn’t just fighting criminal injustice, he’s also fighting social injustice—handing out sandwiches.

  15. mmwms says:

    He does have company in other parts of the country.  Rolling Stone did a story on just this type of homegrown “superhero” a while back.  Makes for some really interesting reading…

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