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Monday, February 02, 2009

Dem Chair Tim Burke calls out Deters re: Obama assassination joke

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Photo courtesy of here.

Is Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters being “used” by Jim Schifrin, author of The Whistleblower Newswire, a racist political tipsheet? That question has been raised by Tim Burke, chairman of the local Democratic Party.

Last week I sent this e-mail to Burke:

Dear Mr. Burke:

Can you please provide me with a statement on the issues raised in this article about Prosecutor Joe Deter’s apparent relationship with Jim Schifrin?

“Did OH Prosecutor Deters share Obama assassination joke with notorious author of racist tipsheet?”

Here’s his reply (my bold):


From: Tim Burke
Date: Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 7:44 AM
Subject: RE: Media Inquiry
To: The Dean of Cincinnati

Schifrin’s comments have grown increasingly tasteless and racist over the years. I never know if Schifrin’s “reporting” is fantasy or reality. So I regard it as very possible that the lunch with Deters and the exchange of racist cracks may not have happened.

But if the County Prosecutor put himself in a position where he could be used in this way by Mr. Schifrin, his judgment deserves to be questioned. If in fact the Prosecutor offered either of these “jokes” to Mr. Schifrin, or approved in anyway, even by his silence, of Mr. Schifrin telling them, it is more than his judgment which should be called into question.

The following individuals have denounced “The Whistleblower” in no uncertain terms: former White House Budget Director and current US Senate candidate Rob Portman; Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou; County Commissioners Greg Hartmann (R), Todd Portune (D), and David Pepper (D). Cincinnati Enquirer politics editor Carl Weiser recently called Schifrin’s newsletter “outright racist.”

For any respectable political figure, denouncing assassination jokes about the President and hardcore racism is a given. Are there consequences to working the other side of the street? Ask ex-Senator George “Macaca” Allen.

In this video last year, Deters refused to answer questions about his relationship with Jim Schifrin, claiming that was his “personal life.” Now Tim Burke and other influential political figures are saying that if any of this is true, it goes well beyond Deters’ personal life and may reflect on his judgement.

Schifrin, who uses the pen name “Charles Foster Kane,” isn’t doing anything to dispel these concerns. On the contrary, Saturday’s “Whistleblower” claims that the two men had lunch the previous day: 


Speaking of Deters, yesterday at lunch, the old Jaywalker was telling Beloved Whistleblower Publisher Charles Foster Kane how much new business The Blower’s new Cincinnati Legal ad was creating.

If Schifrin is simply making this stuff up, he’s not doing Joe Deters any favors. But by failing to say whether or not he shared assassination jokes about President Obama along with other racist gutter talk, Deters isn’t doing himself any favors either.

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  1. fair play says:

    Let me stipulate that racism is bad and the WB pubished some racist stuff.
    If you want to attack Deters for the company he keeps, attack Mallory (and yourself) too.
    Mallory (and you)hung with racist Nate Livingston and his massogenistic and racist blog.
    Mallory hung with City Hall killer Howard Beatty.
    Mallory hung with crackhead Ken Lawson.
    Mallory hung with convicted druggie Junebug Beatty.
    Mallory condones Dale’s criminality.
    Mallory’s father’s history is beyond outrageous but taboo for you to touch.
    Mallory’s personal peccalillos are also taboo.
    Yes, the WB is tastelass with massogenistic, homophobic and racial bias.
    You however, fail to acknowledge the sordid and true Mallory story for fear that a look at these facts may hurt a black political dynasty and be politically incorrect.

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    Regarding Burke’s statement:

    So I regard it as very possible that the lunch with Deters and the exchange of racist cracks may not have happened.

    This also occurred to me in the early phases of this story, but frankly if Deters and his name were being used in association with such a publication without his consent, I would imagine that Deters would be more than willing to denounce both the publication and the association of his name with the likes of Schifrin.  However, in the video clip where Dean asks Deters about it, all Deters does is claim it is his “personal life”.  Such a response leads me to belive that the two have had contact and/or lunch as has been described.

    Deters has not responded to multiple requests by the Beacon to denounce Schifrin and the Whistleblower or even address his relationship with either.  Deters silence is deafening on this issue.

  3. bookmark link to this comment says:

    New disclaimer posted by racist tipsheet’s publisher:

    The Cincinnatus Standard, and its publisher Steve Fritsch, are not responsible for the content published in The Whistleblower Newswire, and do not necessarily endorse everything published in it. Therefore, the views expressed in The Whistleblower belong solely to its author, “Charles Foster Kane.”  While some content in The Whistleblower can be controversial—and to some, offensive—we have decided to allow our viewers to make their own decision to read it or not to read it.

    Whistleblower issues with Obama assassination jokes below. Click here for jpegs of the assassination jokes.

    June 26, 2008

    November 1, 2008

    November 9, 2008

    November 11, 2008

    November 20, 2008

    January 17, 2009 - Includes claim that Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters shared assassination joke and other racist jokes about Obama

  4. Scratch a bully and you'll find a coward says:

    Chris Johnson: (If) Deters and his name were being used in association with such a publication without his consent, I would imagine that Deters would be more than willing to denounce both the publication and the association of his name with the likes of Schifrin.

    Contrast Deters’ ongoing silence on his Schifrin problem with his office’s response to one of his critics. From Speaking Truth to Power - Deters staffer threatens head of local group that criticizes the Hamilton County prosecutor by Kevin Osborne, Cincinnati CityBeat, November 19, 2008

    A woman who created a group to protest what she calls the unprofessional conduct of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters says a detective on his staff recently called her and tried to intimidate her into stopping the group’s high-profile criticism.

    Franki Butler-Kidd, who heads “Citizens Against Joe Deters,” says a detective e-mailed and then telephoned her on Nov. 12 to warn her that Deters would file a lawsuit alleging defamation of character unless Kidd stopped the group’s activities and her criticism of Deters on a blog.

  5. Freedom Fighters says:


    The ‘whistle-blower’ has the right to speak and print any vile they wish.

    The majority of posters read the ‘whisleblower’ and realize it is a hate rag with a unique way of humiliating everyone.

    Tryintofoolyou may have denounced for political correctness, but, he admits he reads it DAILY !

    Let’s be frank, there is always some members of our population that would call for any leader’s head on a stick.

    The joke is offensive because it reveals the character flaws of our society, in that, the devaluation of life based on race is not new to our ‘group think’.

    There is fear that some lune will try to rewrite history.

    Regarding ‘deters the cheaters’, if this can take the jay-walker down, by all means, let’s use it faster then a rope in the hands of a ‘Mississippi’ lynch mob !


  6. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Dean and Justin-

    I hope you will condemn and distance yourself from the racist spewings being put forth by on of the bloggers that link from your site to.  CAJD Blog shows a picture of Ken Blackwell in blackface, and references insulting and harmful “minstrel show” stereotypes.  Even the link (below) is insulting, mentioning tap dancing and fried chicken.

    Your distate for Ken Blackwell is certainly well documented, but I hope you will agree that this sort of garbage has no place in a civil political dialogue.  Racist jokes, no matter who they are directed at, are wrong.  I would appreciaye it if you would address this issue.

    Thank you

  7. Citizens Against Joe Deters says:

    That is exactly the point. Clearly the Whistleblower writes filth that includes racist/sexist material.  But who is he? Someone who offends many and entertains some people (mostly Republicans). Still no matter how one feels about the Whistleblower he does not hold the key to injustice. 

    On the other hand as Joe Deters is the chief legal representative of Hamilton County, and as Jim Schifrin has long claimed that he and Deters are friends, and as Schifrin recently bragged that he and Deters shared an assassination joke about our President. President Obama, such behavior is unacceptable of “unelected” officials.

    Public servants are known by the company they keep.  Can you imagine how many possible lawsuits Deters could face by people who claim—Deters over charged/prosecuted/sentenced me because I’m a woman and he’s sexist, or I’m a person of color and he’s racist….

    Deters needs to be forthcoming with a response, IMMEDIATELY.

  8. Citizens Against Joe Deters says:

    before you brought it to my attention, I removed certain wording from the Ken Blackwell post that some might find offensive.  My blog is always open to suggestions. If you search the blog, you’ll see that some readers have brought postings to my attention that they find offensive. As a result of them bringing it to my attention,  I have removed and or edited content. I will continue to do so.

    I am not an elected official like Joe Deters and I don’t believe my blog influences masses of people. Therefore I’m under no obligation to censor myself. Having said that, I care about our communities, Cincinnati, and America.  Thus I am willing to make amendments to my blog.

    I listen to people like you. It matters to me what people think. Too bad that it appears Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters could give a rat’s ass about the people he serves.

  9. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Thank you, CAJD, for fixing the post.  I was just getting ready to repudiate you, but you took care of it like a responsible and thoughtful citizen before I needed to do it!

  10. Citizens Against Joe Deters says:

    Dean there’s enough crap and crappy people that make the world a terrible place. I don’t want to add to the crap. A sensible person or organization does not have to be repudiated. Someone brings something to your attention that is offensive (if you agree) you work to correct it, if you care. 

    You make a mistake you apologize.

    If you don’t care, then you do nothing. You don’t respond and you let people assume what kind of moral values you have, what type of person/leader you choose to be. 

    In Joe Deters not responding to the Beacon’s request regarding the Whistleblower, confirms for CAJD what we alredy knew about Joe Deters and that is he’s not worthy of being the Hamilton County Prosecutor.

  11. Dieter says:

    this is boring. Let’s go back to attacking Heimlich.

  12. Jones says:

    So I regard it as very possible that the lunch with Deters and the exchange of racist cracks may not have happened.

    Timbo Burke covering his wide a$$ again.  Burke needs to get on board with the Beacon because these bigots have already establishing without one shred of concrete proof that Deters is already guilty by fantasy association.

    And Burke is one to talk. Fair Play has already outlined the bulk of it.  Furthermore, Burke is in the pocket, all snug & warm of the Mallory Enterprises.

    Dieter, for once I agree with you. This is getting boring because these bigots don’t have squat on Deters. They’ve already vilified & threatened so many people in this city, that their list is down to nothing & they’re going to continue to make up stuff on Deters.

  13. Dieter's in the shieter says:

    Dieter: this is boring.


    2/2/09: Portman already repudiated The Whistleblower by Malia Rulon, Cincinnati Enquirer blog

  14. anon says:

    Me, you, the Dean, CAJD - none are elected officials either the contributor of or teller of racist jokes and threats against the life of the president.  Big difference.

  15. Freedom Fighters says:

    “This is getting boring because these bigots don’t have squat on Deters. They’ve already vilified & threatened so many people in this city, that their list is down to nothing & they’re going to continue to make up stuff on Deters.”

    Oh ?

    There is a little more than squat.

    ‘hindlick’ was a lot more fun because he doesn’t have the ability to bring the weight on the tax-payer upon a self-serving prosecution !

  16. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I wish to point out that the above comments attributed to “Dieter” are not the comments of the genuine Dieter.

    I neither agree nor disagree with the statements.

    Dieter Schmied

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