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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hamilton County Explores Gothard Connection

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Hamilton County Commission President Todd Portune has written a letter to the International Association of Character Cities about their connections to Bill Gothard.  Locally, the Character Cities have football hall-of-famer Anthony Munoz as a front-man.

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  1. anon says:

    I’m stupid.  What is this?  Did they get contracts with the county?  Were there conflicts of interests?  What?

    And, I’ve heard about reforms at JFS, but what were they?

  2. Marginal Character says:

    Commissioner Portune’s letter refers to an August 22, 2006 letter from L.L. (Don) Veinot, president of Midwest Christian Outreach (MCO), to the Character Cities organization. Here’s a copy of Mr. Veinot’s letter: It’s linked on the front page of the MCO website:

    To summarize Mr. Veinot’s letter, he states that Arizona State Treasurer David Petersen admitted receiving commissions from the Character Cities organization in order to establish the program in that state.

    Mr. Veinot then asks whether any public officials, including Phil Heimlich, ever received commissions.

    For more information and related articles, click the “Huckabee’s Ties to Evangelist Bill Gothard” red banner above or click here:

  3. anon says:

    This whole thing where we are co-mingling church and government programs has got to stop!!!!!  It destroys the integrity of the church and compromises elected and government officials when their religious persuasion is being used to garner deals.
    Churchs have done such great works in this country - but doing work as a contractor for the country (state or county) is a real blurring of lines.
    Let’s go back to strict “constructionist” interpretation of the constitution - separation of church and state - and that’s final.

    I thought Republicans were supposed to be the “strict constructionists” not broadening the meaning of the law.

  4. WackoJacko says:

    Does this mean Todd is back from the Dark Side and back with the program? This means to finish the clean-up that Phil left?

  5. anon says:

    Portune can waste his time trying to address “Phil” or “DeWine” issues - or he should concentrate his efforts, selectively, on those issues that will promote the economic and quality of life he has before him now.

    If this is one of those things worth pursuing, so be it - but this board of commissioners has a full plate filled with left overs from the prior administration -

    Just do what’s best and screw the Phil legacy - that’s his burden

  6. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    I don’t disagree with the general sentiment of focusing on a broad agenda and encourage everyone who is interested in the Agenda I laid out for the county to review it in its entirety on either the county website or in earlier postings at this location.  We have much to do to reverse the lack of progress under the Heimlich and other administrations.

    Nonetheless, the Gotthard influence in official Cincinnati and County institutions of governance, education and law enforcement merits evaluation given recent revelations about the real impact of the Gotthard program on people and organizations. 

    Thank you for your interest and concern.

    Todd Portune

  7. cincysuz says:

    I spent a little time this morning watching Sunday morning sermons. Jimmy Swaggart’s sideshow of crying and screaming is perhaps the most entertaining. Especially remembering the testimony of the prostitute he regularly patronized. Streetwise and worn, a woman who had seen and done it all, said even she was shocked at the degree of Swaggart’s depravity. He, who asked if she could bring her young daughter to him to sully. And there he is, still ruling over his kingdom and hawking $75 bibles.

    Then there was Jerry Falwell, I think at Liberty University and the testimony of the legless marine preaching and bringing together god and patriotic politics for an enrapt, glassy-eyed student body.

    Then of course T.D. Jakes and his nonsense.

    I don’t see a bit of difference between these guys and Gothard. Maybe Portune should be sending missives off to all of them.

  8. Rocko says:

    But there wasn’t a contract with Fallwell or Swaggart!

    What is really scary- have you seen the law college at Liberty- they have a “Supreme Court” set up and the goal is in the next 100 years have it filled by Liberty grads. There is a thought to scare you!

    And I bet Phil is loving that “commission” he got then now- gotta feed the kids somehow!

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