Typing Work Details:

Typing Work Details:

If you are looking for online data entry and typing jobs then you have come to the right place. You can earn more than $300 everyday. You work from home and this is 100% legit job. You need to type content from scanned pages into Microsoft Word documents and then submit it to buyer.


Requirements for all data entry jobs are given below:
1-Ability to use PC.Typing speed needs to be good.
2-In every assignment there should be no more than 3 errors.
3-If error is found you will correct it. Companies do not like error in work
4-You can do as many projects as you want to but accuracy needs to be good.
5-Each assignment comes with a description. It will describe how you do the work.
6-You will also get complete support.

Getting paid:

You are paid by PayPal and Moneybookers. Both these payment methods are easy to use.
You can request payment daily.




Reason you should join our company:

Making income online is possible put you just need to find the right place.
1-You are free to do as much work as possible. You can do it in day or night at anytime.
2-Money you make is paid daily to you.
3-We pay quickly.
4-We provide 24/7 support.
5-Work is easy and you can earn daily.